Monday, November 29, 2010

IOS 4.2.1 - Baseband 06.15 Carrier Unlock

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This video is just an update for the iPhone users who would like to unlock their iPhone's running the new update baseband 06.15.00 and IOS 4.2.1 Firmware.

Please only do this if you need to because once you update your baseband there's no way going back to a older baseband.


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Monday, November 22, 2010

IOS 4.2 Jailbreak

Apple has just release the new 4.2 firmware today that doesn't come with that much new features for iPhone/iPod touch users it's mostly for the iPad customers. 
Jailbreak is something you do at your own free will, not because someone tell you to do it. The video below will explain to you what to look forward to if you so choose to Jailbreak your iDevice on the new firmware.

                              *Some of the features that comes with the new firmware*

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Users:

AirPrint makes it simple to print email, photos, web pages, and documents right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. A few taps is all it takes to go from viewing it onscreen to holding a printed copy. There’s no software to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Users:

AirPlay lets you stream digital media wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers. So you can watch movies and photos on your widescreen TV and play music through the best speakers in the house.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Users:
Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the MobileMe feature that helps you locate your missing device and protect its data — is now free on any iPhone 4, iPad, or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2.

Now whats new for the iPad users.

Multitasking - iOS 4.2 brings multitasking from iPhone and iPod touch to iPad. So you can be more productive as you work, have more fun as you play, or do a little of both. Everything happens smoothly and efficiently — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily

Folders - Now your iPad has more room for more apps. Move apps into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity to declutter your Home screens and keep your apps organized for fast access to your favorites.

Has you can see there's not much to be excited about really unless apple start to only have Apps only available on the new firmware then you have no other choice but to upgrade to the new firmware. So if you so choose to Jailbreak your iDevice I say read all the blogs, watch some videos before you JAILBREAK!
You can read more of the additional features for the IOS 4.2 on the apple main website.

Friday, November 19, 2010

ATT Service good or bad?


 I have been with ATT for over 3 years and only owns the iPhone with them and believe me I wish I could break my recent contract and leave because the service here in NY Long Island really stinks. Continuous drop calls (Call fails)

and not able to use my network whenever I want to even with my $30 unlimited dater plan. I called ATT many times requesting that they fix the issue and they keep saying WE CAN'T FIX IT after so many attempts of walking me through all these hoops and jumping hurdles that they call troubleshooting. They first blame the issue on the way the new iPhone 4 is structured, but I have been having lost of signals, not able to use my network since my first iPhone 3G when it was released years ago. Now they blame it on not enough towers on Long Island. So if the know that there's a problem, why won't they TRY to fix the issue than having people jumping through all these hoops troubleshooting or credit your bill every month until they fix the issue. I was told by a rep that they know there's an outage on Long Island, But nothing is been done to fix it, so I ask are you crediting everyone who's with ATT on Long Island accounts for not able to use there service and he/she said NO.

I was a little mad when they give me that answer, So I said to the lady why won't you credit my account even though you know i'm not getting the service i'm paying for and she said because the contract/agreement states that they don't guarantee service in all areas and I said so why sell your service in all areas unless you are sure you can give customers 100% working service, She said we sell in all areas, but it's up to you to use them or not.

I would like everyone who have a iPhone with ATT to comment on this please because I want to show them that i'm not the only one calling in with this issue and I want all of you to call them every MONTH and request credit off your bill. Even if you don't live in Long Island, New York and would like to post a comment on the service in your area, please go ahead and do so because we want them to know what we're experiencing with there service.

Umm, Verizon getting the iPhone? ummm........

Check out this video for a temporary work around when you keep getting dropped calls and post comment here if it works.

Advantges Vs DisAdvantages of Jailbreak

*Why should I jailbreak my iDevice?

 This is the question I get ask a lot about Jailbreaking a iDevice. My reason for Jailbreaking my iDevices is that I get to use the full features of the iDevice that apple won't allow it to. I get bored of the normal use of the iDevice and the way it looks, so I choose to Jailbreak it so I can make the iDevice really mines. These are some of the Advantages/DisAdvantages of a Jailbreak.

 1. Allows you to log into Cydia and customize how your iDevice works.
 2. Allows you to use custom themes from cydia to change the way your phone looks (Icons, battery when charging etc.
 3. Allow you to get apps from Cydia that apple don't approve (Ex. iBlacklist "Allows you to block a number from calling or texting you")
 4. Allow you to use your phone in ways you never imaging (Too much to list)
 5. The biggest advantages of a jailbreak in my eyes (Allow you to unlock your iPhone and use it with other carriers like T-mobile.

 1. Possibility of your phone getting stuck in restore mode (Easy to fix)
 2. You can lose all your data (Easy fix "Backup in iTunes Always")
 3. AT&T/Apple will not fix your iDevice if your bring it to them in Jailbreak mode (Easy fix "Always restore to factory settings before taking your iDevice to get fixed")
 4. You can't use your iPhone with any other carriers (If you don't like ATT services)
 5. The biggest you will void your warrantee with apple, But only if they find out.

If you have anymore Advantages or Disadvantages you would like to add to the list, please don't hold your comments back.

So in conclusion, the choice is yours.

Legal to jailbreak Vs Voiding Apple's warranty

  **If jailbreak is legal why would apple void my warrantee?

This is one of the biggest questions asked by the jailbreak community because if Jailbreaking your iPhone/iDevices is now legal why would apple void your warrantee? Well the thing is Jailbreaking is yes legal and allow you to do whatever you please with your iDevice once you purchase it, But that doesn't stop apple from voiding your warranty because they will be the company to fix your phone if it goes bad. It's just like any other company that makes a product they will not fix it if you tamper with it because your tampering could be the cause of the problem. So tell me what you think, Should apple still fix your phone even if you jailbreak it? Please leave a comment if your answer is yes or no and your reason.

Thank you

Limera1n vs Greenpois0n vs Pwnagetool Jailbreak

A lot of people was asking what is the difference between the three type of Jailbreak out. I will fill you in on the difference and you tell me which one you think is better or if it doesn't matter to you.

* Limera1n (PC & Mac)

Limera1n is a tool created by a Hacker known has Geohot which you can fine anywhere on the web by searching for his name. he created this software that jailbreak your iDevice in under 2 minutes and nothing gets erased from your iDevice, but there's only one disadvantge to use this software, if you are a Non-Att Customer you will not be able to unlock your iDevice (Ex. iPhone) because it will update your baseband (Ex. 05.12.01) which is your modem firmware. If you are a Att customer you don't have to worry about using this Jailbreak.

*Greenpoins0n (Mac, Linux & Windows)

Greenpoins0n is a tool that was created by the Chronic Dev also you can find them everywhere on the web or find them on twitter  @greenpois0n or find them on there website The greenpoins0n Jailbreak takes a few minutes and will also kill your unlock or if you haven't unlock before will not let you able to unlock your iDevice unless the Jailbreak teams come up with a tool to allow your unlock. This Jailbreak will also update your baseband and that is what allow your iDevice to get unlocked.

*Pwnagetool (Mac only) - Other tools available for PC users on the Dev Team website.
Pwnagetool is a tool created by the Dev Team (The only team I follow) that allows you to jailbreak your iDevices and allow you to let your baseband stay at the original state that allows you to unlock your device to use on other carriers (Ex. T-mobile). This tool will Jailbreak all iDevices including the recently released Apple TV. You can find the entire dev team members on twitter @iphone_dev @MuscleNerd  @bugout  @comex @saurik the rest of the team can be fond by going to and click the twitter links to the right of the page. This tool will require a much longer process because you have to create the Custom firmware and then use iTunes to upload the custom firmware.

If you are planning on jailbreaking your iDevice and not sure how they work you can find multiple videos on youtube, But I recommend my page look me up on youtube . 

Jailbreaking isn't for everyone and when you attempt to jailbreak your device you are doing so at your own risk.

Jailbreak vs Non-Jaibreak iDevice

Has we all know that since the release of Apple iPhones a few years back, jailbreak was somewhat illegal well thats if you get caught by apple, then you will void your warranty with apple, but everyone who jailbreak there phone still take this risk and say screw it and do it anyways. I am one of those people because I Think if I pay so much for my iPhone I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Has a few months ago Jailbreak is now fully legal and almost everyone is doing it. So tell me what you think is the Advantages of Jailbreaking your iDevice or keeping it the way it is is better?