Friday, November 19, 2010

Legal to jailbreak Vs Voiding Apple's warranty

  **If jailbreak is legal why would apple void my warrantee?

This is one of the biggest questions asked by the jailbreak community because if Jailbreaking your iPhone/iDevices is now legal why would apple void your warrantee? Well the thing is Jailbreaking is yes legal and allow you to do whatever you please with your iDevice once you purchase it, But that doesn't stop apple from voiding your warranty because they will be the company to fix your phone if it goes bad. It's just like any other company that makes a product they will not fix it if you tamper with it because your tampering could be the cause of the problem. So tell me what you think, Should apple still fix your phone even if you jailbreak it? Please leave a comment if your answer is yes or no and your reason.

Thank you

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