Friday, November 19, 2010

Limera1n vs Greenpois0n vs Pwnagetool Jailbreak

A lot of people was asking what is the difference between the three type of Jailbreak out. I will fill you in on the difference and you tell me which one you think is better or if it doesn't matter to you.

* Limera1n (PC & Mac)

Limera1n is a tool created by a Hacker known has Geohot which you can fine anywhere on the web by searching for his name. he created this software that jailbreak your iDevice in under 2 minutes and nothing gets erased from your iDevice, but there's only one disadvantge to use this software, if you are a Non-Att Customer you will not be able to unlock your iDevice (Ex. iPhone) because it will update your baseband (Ex. 05.12.01) which is your modem firmware. If you are a Att customer you don't have to worry about using this Jailbreak.

*Greenpoins0n (Mac, Linux & Windows)

Greenpoins0n is a tool that was created by the Chronic Dev also you can find them everywhere on the web or find them on twitter  @greenpois0n or find them on there website The greenpoins0n Jailbreak takes a few minutes and will also kill your unlock or if you haven't unlock before will not let you able to unlock your iDevice unless the Jailbreak teams come up with a tool to allow your unlock. This Jailbreak will also update your baseband and that is what allow your iDevice to get unlocked.

*Pwnagetool (Mac only) - Other tools available for PC users on the Dev Team website.
Pwnagetool is a tool created by the Dev Team (The only team I follow) that allows you to jailbreak your iDevices and allow you to let your baseband stay at the original state that allows you to unlock your device to use on other carriers (Ex. T-mobile). This tool will Jailbreak all iDevices including the recently released Apple TV. You can find the entire dev team members on twitter @iphone_dev @MuscleNerd  @bugout  @comex @saurik the rest of the team can be fond by going to and click the twitter links to the right of the page. This tool will require a much longer process because you have to create the Custom firmware and then use iTunes to upload the custom firmware.

If you are planning on jailbreaking your iDevice and not sure how they work you can find multiple videos on youtube, But I recommend my page look me up on youtube . 

Jailbreaking isn't for everyone and when you attempt to jailbreak your device you are doing so at your own risk.

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