Friday, November 19, 2010

ATT Service good or bad?


 I have been with ATT for over 3 years and only owns the iPhone with them and believe me I wish I could break my recent contract and leave because the service here in NY Long Island really stinks. Continuous drop calls (Call fails)

and not able to use my network whenever I want to even with my $30 unlimited dater plan. I called ATT many times requesting that they fix the issue and they keep saying WE CAN'T FIX IT after so many attempts of walking me through all these hoops and jumping hurdles that they call troubleshooting. They first blame the issue on the way the new iPhone 4 is structured, but I have been having lost of signals, not able to use my network since my first iPhone 3G when it was released years ago. Now they blame it on not enough towers on Long Island. So if the know that there's a problem, why won't they TRY to fix the issue than having people jumping through all these hoops troubleshooting or credit your bill every month until they fix the issue. I was told by a rep that they know there's an outage on Long Island, But nothing is been done to fix it, so I ask are you crediting everyone who's with ATT on Long Island accounts for not able to use there service and he/she said NO.

I was a little mad when they give me that answer, So I said to the lady why won't you credit my account even though you know i'm not getting the service i'm paying for and she said because the contract/agreement states that they don't guarantee service in all areas and I said so why sell your service in all areas unless you are sure you can give customers 100% working service, She said we sell in all areas, but it's up to you to use them or not.

I would like everyone who have a iPhone with ATT to comment on this please because I want to show them that i'm not the only one calling in with this issue and I want all of you to call them every MONTH and request credit off your bill. Even if you don't live in Long Island, New York and would like to post a comment on the service in your area, please go ahead and do so because we want them to know what we're experiencing with there service.

Umm, Verizon getting the iPhone? ummm........

Check out this video for a temporary work around when you keep getting dropped calls and post comment here if it works.

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