Friday, November 19, 2010

Advantges Vs DisAdvantages of Jailbreak

*Why should I jailbreak my iDevice?

 This is the question I get ask a lot about Jailbreaking a iDevice. My reason for Jailbreaking my iDevices is that I get to use the full features of the iDevice that apple won't allow it to. I get bored of the normal use of the iDevice and the way it looks, so I choose to Jailbreak it so I can make the iDevice really mines. These are some of the Advantages/DisAdvantages of a Jailbreak.

 1. Allows you to log into Cydia and customize how your iDevice works.
 2. Allows you to use custom themes from cydia to change the way your phone looks (Icons, battery when charging etc.
 3. Allow you to get apps from Cydia that apple don't approve (Ex. iBlacklist "Allows you to block a number from calling or texting you")
 4. Allow you to use your phone in ways you never imaging (Too much to list)
 5. The biggest advantages of a jailbreak in my eyes (Allow you to unlock your iPhone and use it with other carriers like T-mobile.

 1. Possibility of your phone getting stuck in restore mode (Easy to fix)
 2. You can lose all your data (Easy fix "Backup in iTunes Always")
 3. AT&T/Apple will not fix your iDevice if your bring it to them in Jailbreak mode (Easy fix "Always restore to factory settings before taking your iDevice to get fixed")
 4. You can't use your iPhone with any other carriers (If you don't like ATT services)
 5. The biggest you will void your warrantee with apple, But only if they find out.

If you have anymore Advantages or Disadvantages you would like to add to the list, please don't hold your comments back.

So in conclusion, the choice is yours.

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